Sunday, August 14, 2011

My poetry.

 Below you'll find some of my poetry,some of It older stuff and some new stuff too.I'll let you know If It's old or new as I am writing It.But for now I will begin with a older poem called Pure Tortured

                                        Pure Tortured
  Pure tortured was your ideal of loved as you delighted In bringing me sorrow.Your touched once pure and warm only grew colder as I got to know you.Your kiss only turn from sweet to bitter as you grew more hateful to me.Your touch which was once blissful only became more painful as you turned me away.Making loved to you only made me sicker as you grew distance to me.I could feel your body poisoning each time we were as one.Your love once made my body glisten as It filled me full of love.But as you became resentfulness of me I could feel your hatefulness toward me.Your mouth once reassured me as you told me we would be ok.But your lips soon made my eyes tear up as I would would retreat to the covered of the woods.Where I would kneel on all four and just let the tears flow outward In hope that your poisons would leave too.My heart beating hard and heavy felt like It would explode from the sorrow.But yet It endured the pain,and as you left me all I could feel was a coldness and numbness that would scarred me for life. 

 Another poem by me this Is  a new 1 too.So read It and enjoyed It too.

                                        Your beauty
  Your beauty shines on me like a light from a million stars blinding my eyes like the sun.Your beauty bathes me In It's healing light smoothing away my pain and sorrow.But yet my lips are reluctant to telling you how I feel toward you for fear that you feel not the same toward me.My heart tormented by your beauty and not being able to touch you.But yet I endured the pain that burns me to my core,for fear of rejection from you.My lips yearned to tasted the nectar on your lips for fear I would only become addicted to It.My body quivers and shakes on the inside with pure delight and pain as long to connect to you on a higher plane of existence.My eyes could seduced,but I want you to want me on your own affection so I look not Into your eyes.And I glazed onward to your heart and It's fast beat for the right time to take you.Glazing only so often Into your eyes for a look Into your soul.So make me not wait for a reply from your soft lips,and make me not wait to hear those three little words that I loved you.

                                   echoes of torment A older poem.
   A soft echo fills my head as I can still remembered when you still would call out my name In your sleep.For It was those days that I knew I still had your heart next to mine.And your eyes would glisten with happy tears as I held you close to me In my arms.But as the months passed by you became distance to me,no longer wanting to feel my touch,no longer having the desires to cuddled with me.My heart cried out for you In pain,but my cries went with no replies to them.Your attention went to another man who only desires was to hurt you and watched you cried.While not heart bled outward inside of me.You just became more meaner toward me,only giving me enough to hanged on to you.I lay awake at night wondering how things went so wrong.Sometime I would shred a tear for the love I lost with you,memories would come to haunt me as they reminded me you no longer desire my love.You had tossed It away as all girls done before you have.

                           No more I love you Another older poem.

     No More I Love You My heart no longer hold the joy It once held In life,for once you would replied to me everyday In email that I loved you or that I missed you.For your email are few and far now as I can feel you pushing me away.The darkness tries to over take me as I tried to hold onto your love,but each day you seem to become more distance to me.Each day my heart dies a little more,but yet I hanged on to your love.For letting your love slipped away Is something I don't desire to do,In my heart I tell myself you are just going through a tough time and just need your space.But random thoughts of doubts run through my mind of better days when I would email you on the website where we once talked and how good you made me felt.And how you have grow so distance to me now,and self doubts now fill my head with darkness of life without even getting to know you now.Of not being able to kissed your sweet lips for the first time or holding you close to me.Of our first time together as lovers that once held so much joy to me now sadden me as I come to terms with a life without you.For you confessed your love for someone else,that you tell me It's just your way honoring your friend and nothing else.But each time I looked upon your page sends emotional shocks to me.For If you loved someone else I'll let you go,because I only want you to be happy In life.And If It means my happiness It's a small price to pay,for my loved for you Is strong Indeed.And a life In pain Is a small price to pay for knowing that you are happy so I'll take my broken heart and hide It away so no one will see my pain.Put on a fake smile and moved onto my life,with only pictures of you to remind me of the good times.And cried my tears when no one around to see.  

                                   No more talks A old poem about my mom she died in 2001

  No more talks of life greatest joys and of life sorrows for once I was able to confide In you about everything that troubled my heart.And you would listen to me and tell me It would be ok for life without sorrows wouldn't have no joy to It.For without sorrows you would not know true joy,for they came hand In hand.No more talks of how I meant a girl that I knew you would like and that I wanted you to meet.For when I moved out my life soon became so busy that I had no time to visit you anymore and your heart broke.Even though you didn't say so I could feel It as If It was my own pain,for work had consumed me and left no time for nothing else as I worked non-stopped everyday.But I always held you In my mind thinking of you everyday,but it wasn't enough for you soon beame Ill and have your first encountered with the reaper.But his touched would not came you this time as you recovered only to be put on more meds then you could count.For you were given a second chance to lived.But as the yrs passed by you soon became tired of taking them and stopped taking them altogether till one day you heart exploded and beat It's last beat.And the reaper took your soul from this would and from everyone that loved you.Holidays became everyday as you weren't around to put everyone I In the mood.And I sink Into depression that last a long time.Leading me to regret my past and turned my very soul to It's dark self,for which I had to fight each day to melt the ice that had formed around my heart turning It cold and uncaring.And even though the fight was tough I always kept a light side to myself a tiny ray of light that I stood In the middle of to helped me see.For all my hopes of finding the right girl and getting married to her so you would be there to see was shot down In a heartbeat.Hopes of my futures kids seeing you had died In that dreadful second of life.For now all I've of you Is In my mind and my pictures of you,for which my kids will see and hear my stories of you.And every now and then I see your spirit out of the corner of my eyes or dream of you still being alive.But In reality I know you won't be back,but It's still nice to see you every now and then.So I know I must let you go to your final resting place,but I'll hold your memories In my mind and heart and know you are still watching over me. 

                                  To have and hold.
  Your love so dear to me like sweet honey upon my lips that I can't seem to get enough of.So addicting to the soul that I await more,your lips are my salvation to this dark world.I yearned for you to know your every little desires so as to fulfill them.To bring a smile to your radiating face that shines with a beauty not of this world.My hands softly caressed your face wiping away any sadness that Is brought upon to.My lips longed to kissed your lips as so to show you I'm true,no other can make me feel as good as you can,my true hope for a happy future.And I want you to have and to hold.                                      

                                                                             Fallen angel A older poem and no Ideal why It's showing up diferrent then the other poems.
  Angel from above that fell from high,her wings clipped but not her spirit.My eyes adore her from afar as I admired her beauty and grace sent here to guide me upon my many journeys.I'll stick to her side and always be there for this heavenly creature.Though thick and thin I'll watched over her and protect her from this harsh world a dark knight In shining armor that watched over her as she sleeps.My little muse sent afar to eased my pain and suffering as I shall do the same for her too.So don't despaired even though you can't see me doesn't me I'm not there.I hide In the shadow awaiting your love and devotion,your soft kissed a blessing It would be to had Is yet to far for me to grasped So for now I'll be happy to just watched.